Hello, I'm Jessica

I'm the owner and lead designer behind Bloom Creative Design. My life as a creative is inspired by clean lines, bold colours and finding the timelessness behind every fleeting design trend. I have a fresh, minimalist aesthetic and a strong passion for cultivating designs that carry the uniqueness of what I offer.

From small business start-ups, big corporate firms, schools and retail stores, to event coordinators, religious organisations, charities and bloggers – I've had the opportunity to explore the creative scope that lends itself to a successful brand. This experience has enabled me to offer my services to all business types and target markets. Finding out what appeals to your target market is a skill that comes with the experience I’ve worked on achieving over the past few years.

Let's Get Started

Born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, I am now based in the heart of Europe, Prague, Czech Republic. With every communication resource at my fingertips, I continue to develop brand identities and websites for my clients across South Africa, and now the world.

Together, I know that you and I can take the heart and passion you carry for your business and translate it into an aesthetic that speaks to your clients on more than just a visual level. I love what I do and it would be a privilege to partner with you as you pursue branding excellence.

Branding & Design

Effective branding is one of the main reasons we do what we do. We believe in the power and possibility behind a brilliant brand and refuse to compromise when it comes to the uniqueness and clarity of what it is your business is about. Together, we want to build a corporate identity that will see you through the next chapter of your business, and mark your brand as relevant to your current, and future target market.

We are big dreamers, and we believe in the service or product you're providing! Small idea or big idea, it's yours and we want to partner with you to build something that you take pride in.

Social Media & Design

We offer comprehensive packages to both corporate and private businesses looking to present their company is a professionally branded way. Having a good logo will only reach as far as you allow it, so why not use your brand as a tool?
The possibilities are endless when you begin to communicate your brand effectively, whether it be amongst your staff, your client base, your social media followers or your marketing material. Staff and clients will begin to buy into what you're offering when you present it in a way that shows you value them and their contributions towards your business. Perhaps you're only looking for a three month partnership to get your brand up and running, or, maybe you need a more long term commitment, either way, we are looking to work with you to establish something great!


We consider registering your domain as one of the first things you need to prioritise when starting your business. We know there are many other free mail providers, but running your communication through your own, personalised domain means increased security to monitor incoming, outgoing and internal mails, communication uniformity when it comes to clients contacting your business, having us on hand when you need email addresses added or removed, as well as an online presence for your domain while you budget for your website design.


There is something about developing a fully responsive website that uniquely communicates the essence of your business through the use of dynamic, scrolling banners, content that is well-written and optimised for all search engines, professional images displaying what you offer and providing an online platform for potential clients to contact you through enquiry forms, and following you on social media through strategically placed links on your site.

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